BC-333LE Smart family scale

BC-333LE Smart family scale

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Get a hold on your family’s health going beyond weight and BMI, measuring muscle and fat mass for everyone aged 5 and up


From 5 years old

Body Fat (%)
Muscle Mass (kg)
Bone Mass (kg)
Body mass Index (BMI)

From 18 years old

Muscle Quality (kg) -
Visceral Fat %
Visceral Fat (kg) -
Total Body Water (TBW) kg -
Total Body Water (TBW) %
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) kcal
Daily Calorie Intake (DCI) kcal -
Metabolic Age
Physique Rating
Muscle Score -
Body Fat Mass -
Heart Rate -


Colour  Taupe
Weight of product  1.5kg
Maximum weight capacity 150kg
Warranty 3 years
Product dimensions  310x274mm
Available product manual languages English German Dutch French Spanish Italian Danish
Accuracy 50g(<100kg) 100g(>100kg)
Power supply Battery (4x AA)
Place of Manufacture Japan

What's in the box?

Manual in the box English German Dutch French
Batteries included


Segmental -
APP connected
Suitable for children 
Activation Press-On
Athlete mode
Guest mode
User memory 5
Water resistance -


Model BC-333LE
EAN 4904785191204

Product description

You want to encourage healthy habits for your whole family in a positive way, creating a can-do mentality. The BC-333LE smart body composition scale goes beyond a regular fat scale and allows you to measure weight, BMI, fat mass and muscle mass not only for you, but everyone in your household, including your children as of the age of 5. Once your family understands what a fantastic “engine” their body is, you can explain the importance of the right fuel and movement to make this powerful  “engine” run at its best.


Feel like a superhero

Focus on muscle mass and make them feel like a superhero when they become stronger by being active and eating yummy yet healthy! This positive reinforcement is crucial in developing a healthy body image and self-esteem, laying the groundwork for lifelong healthy habits.

  • Your family's health data at your fingertips. The BC-333LE smart scale seamlessly integrates with the free MyTANITA App, turning health tracking into a simple, engaging activity for the whole family. 

  • Child-Focused Precision: Specially tailored for young champions, the BC-333LE smart body composition scale provides a comprehensive health snapshot, including muscle mass, bone mass, body fat percentage and BMI for children aged 5 and up. This precision ensures that health monitoring is adapted to the unique needs of growing bodies.

  • Unique Muscle Mass Measurement for Children: Pioneering in its approach, the BC-333LE offers a unique glimpse into your child's development by measuring muscle mass from the age of five. This feature sets a new standard focusing on strength to promote a positive body image.


Family of superheroes

Feel confident to lead your family to a healthier, more active lifestyle. Gain knowledge of what your family needs and keep them motivated by showing the progress they make. Make all of you proud of your family of superheroes!

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