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Weigh and measure your baby safely.


Color White
Weight of product 3 kg
Maximum weight capacity 20 kg
Warranty 3 years
Product dimensions 580 x 390 x 90 mm
Material Plastic
Accuracy 10 gr
Power supply 4x AA Battery
Place of Manufacture China

What's in the box?

Batteries included


Tanita model BD-590
EAN 4904785809901

Product description

The Tanita BD-590 is the ideal baby scale. The scale uses the latest technology so that the weight is measured highly accurately. This can then be easily and quickly read on the clear LCD display. This compact baby scale is also easy to clean, as it is an all-in-one unit and there are no loose or moving parts. The solid material makes this scale extra durable. In addition, the scale features a memory function for previous measurements, motion-stop technology for agile babies and a large weighing platform for extra safety for your baby. 

What does the BD-590 measure?

The Tanita BD-590 makes it possible to weigh your baby easily and accurately. The scale accurately displays the weight in 10s of grams. In addition, the large weighing platform and the clear display ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible during the weighing moment. In addition to the weight, you can measure the height of your baby at the same time. The Tanita BD-590 includes a self-adhesive measuring ruler, which you can easily stick onto the scale. 

Is the BD-590 right for you?

The Tanita BD-590 is the ideal baby scale for moveable babies. The curved weighing surface keeps your baby in a good and safe position and thanks to the motion stop-technology, a highly accurate measurement can be taken even while the baby is moving. The baby scale has a memory function for previous measurements. 


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