Main benefits of TANITA BIA for children

TANITA exclusively offers body composition measurements for children aged 5 years and older, so healthy habits can start early.

Measuring a child’s body composition beyond just weight and BMI will help you with:

Early Detection of Health Issues, such as obesity or malnutrition

Development of Personalised Nutrition and Exercise plans

Motivation and accountability for both the child and the parents/ caregivers.

In addition, it provides you with information that conveys a more positive message and a more positive body image: Muscle mass!

Go beyond weight and BMI

  • Fat mass (segmental)
  • Fat free mass
  • Muscle Mass (segmental)
  • Total Body Water
  • ECW
  • ICW

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5 year warranty

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Reviewed with a 9,3*


TANITA is the founder of Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) and the first to bring a so-called body fat analyser to the market. By continuing to innovate and develop, we have become the world leader in creating new health insights. We work hard every day to do our bit for a healthier and happier world. We want to motivate people to take control of their own health. We do this through innovative technologies, development of new measurements and innovative products.  TANITA exclusively offers measurements for children aged 5 and up, so healthy habits can start early!