Weight management

Obesity is still a major issue in our society. Obesity is associated with chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and some forms of cancer. The problem of obesity is partly explained by the sedentary lifestyle that constantly increases due to the development of the type of jobs, the ageing of the population and our leisure time, which we like to spend behind screens. TANITA BIA technology can play an important role within initiatives that contribute to a healthier lifestyle. BMI, for example, is a limited indicator for healthiness because it only provides information on body weight and not on fat percentage or muscle mass. Therefore, the BMI can be biassed. After a referral, it is advisable to do a full body analysis that provides insight into fat percentage, visceral fat, muscle mass and fluid balance, among other things. The professional scales of TANITA are equipped with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. A technology for properly mapping out someone's health. The professional body composition monitors from TANITA help clinics, dieticians, lifestyle coaches and other professionals with weight management. 


TANITA BIA technology

The body composition monitors give you insight into a wide range of health values. They use the Bioelectrical independence technology, which maps out health insights highly accurately. Electrodes send an imperceptible and safe current through the feet, legs and lower abdomen. Muscle, fat, bone and water conduct electricity at different speeds, allowing the body analysis monitors to provide various health insights. In segmental models, four hand electrodes are used to take additional measurements for each body segment. This includes both arms, both legs and the torso. Among other things, the fat mass and visceral fat are measured, which is very useful for specialists who are engaged in the daily counselling of overweight people.

For which weight professionals is TANITA BIA technology relevant?

The advanced TANITA BIA technology is relevant to various professionals in weight management.

Nutritional therapists and dieticians

The BIA monitors make accurate body analyses, which serve as a starting point for drawing up individualised treatment plans. By monitoring and controlling lean mass, among other things, metabolic and musculoskeletal health can be protected as well as patient mobility. In addition, TANITA's high-quality BIA technology helps support diagnosis and monitoring of sarcopenia, cachexia and malnutrition. Finally, the technology helps to monitor, treat and diagnose patients for whom BMI is not an appropriate measure (e.g. patients with an eating disorder or acute/chronic disease).


BIA technology helps to accurately assess a patient's body composition in order to identify the need or necessity for intervention. The data serves as a starting point for creating personalised treatment plans. Should medical intervention be required, the TANITA BIA monitors help monitor lean body mass in order to monitor the health of the patient. In addition, the technology helps measure and monitor both intra- and extracellular water, which helps detect post-operative problems.

Lifestyle coaches

With the help of the BIA monitors, you can easily create a personalised support programme based entirely on the client's needs. The technology also helps to make your clients understand holistic health and why the focus for a healthy lifestyle should be on reducing fat and maintaining muscle mass, rather than just reducing body weight. Set health goals based on clear and understandable reports. This will increase your clients' motivation to maintain the new lifestyle until it has become a truly healthy habit.

Healthy habits for happiness

TANITA believes in the power of healthy habits. Healthy Habits for Happiness' is our mission. By measuring and monitoring your clients' health, you motivate them to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Constant monitoring increases the chance of a person acquiring new habits by up to 80%. 

Support healthy habits

Wondering what TANITA can do for your business? Thanks to the body analysis monitors, you can create a personal plan for your clients to achieve maximum results. What's more, the monitor helps to attract, retain and motivate clients!


Personalised and tailored interventions based on measurements that go beyond body weight and BMI. For example, measuring body fat, muscle mass, visceral fat, total body water and metabolic age using BIA.

Recruit new clients by offering health checks and personal training plans based on the latest health analyses.


Keep your clients motivated and increase their chances of achieving their health goals by accurately monitoring their results in various aspects over time. 


Get clients/patients excited about change with TANITA-exclusive measurements such as metabolic age. Metabolic age is the only age that is truly reversible. Build muscle mass, reduce fat mass and celebrate another year younger! Make sure your clients can't resist the challenge.

Monitors suitable for weight management

Are you looking for a BIA monitor to help you provide clients with optimal guidance? Below you will find the body analysis scales that perfectly support you in this. We proudly guarantee the quality of our products with a uniquely long warranty period of 3 to 5 years.