Lifestyle medicine

We truly believe in what we call Lifestyle Medicine. This means that by adopting a healthy lifestyle, we as a society can prevent, treat or reverse many lifestyle diseases. Think for example of diabetes type 2, obesity or cardiovascular diseases. Lifestyle Medicine is a proven approach and aims to permanently change unhealthy behaviour into healthy habits. 

Lifestyle Medicine is about eating healthy, getting enough exercise, stress management, reducing or avoiding stimulants such as alcohol and drugs, getting enough sleep and developing a good immune system. The proper mapping of one's health is a crucial part of developing the right Lifestyle Medicine. 

This is how TANITA contributes to improving lifestyle medicine

TANITA is committed to empowering patients to make lasting lifestyle changes. This is how we contribute to a healthier world. With our professional Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) monitors, we can support lifestyle medicine professionals (such as general practitioners, lifestyle coaches or dieticians) in making a diagnosis, setting personal goals and developing a treatment plan.

To keep patients motivated to make lasting changes in their lifestyle, TANITA also offers monitors for home use. This allows patients to regularly monitor their own progress over time, which has been proven to help achieve health goals.

Healthy habits for happiness

TANITA stands for creating healthy habits. ‘Healthy Habits for Happiness' is the company’s mission. We want to motivate people to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle by measuring and monitoring their health. Research has shown that constant health monitoring increases the chances of someone developing new healthy habits by up to 80%. It is important to focus on small steps at a time, rather than unrealistically large leaps. Our social media channels are filled daily with recipes, exercises or tips that promote the learning of Healthy Habits.  

Support Healthy habits

TANITA helps professionals to effectively instil healthy habits in their clients. We do this using TANITA's 3M's: Measure, Monitor and Motivate.


With the most advanced BIA technology, TANITA's professional body composition monitors map out your complete health. It allows you to measure highly accurate, holistic data. 


Monitor your clients' progress by regularly measuring and adjusting where necessary. In this way, you greatly increase the chance of success of learning new healthy habits for happiness.


Finally, you constantly help to motivate your clients to keep developing healthy habits. You do this by charting their results visually, for example with clear and simple reports. In this way, they can keep track of their own progress and are more aware of the positive effects of their new healthy habits.

TANITA products

As pioneer of BIA technology, TANITA uses 4C methodology for extra-accurate measurements. This methodology is considered the gold standard for body composition analysis. Our products are also suitable for home use, allowing patients to work towards a healthier lifestyle in a familiar environment. We proudly back up the quality of our products with a uniquely long warranty period of 3 to 5 years.

Wish to know more about how TANITA technology can help your patients? Download our Lifestyle Medicine Guide or contact us!