TANITA Corporate vision


We aim to create a society where people around the world can expand their potential through healthy habits and feel happy.


We will continue to create health standards in various fields from a new perspective .

Message from our CEO

Until now, TANITA has been working on the development and sale of measuring instruments that "measure health" with the philosophy of contributing to the health promotion of people around the world through "measurement." 

In recent decades, we have also focused on initiatives that contribute to health in other areas. Based on extensive research on measuring health in women, in 2004, we opened "FITS ME", a 30-minute fitness program exclusively for women who conduct circuit training as a "solution after measuring". 

In 2012, the "Marunouchi TANITA Shokudo" opened, our restaurant where we offer tasty, nutritious menus of only 500 kcal and we give people the opportunity to measure their body composition and learn about healthy eating.

In 2014, we started offering the TANITA Health Program, a group health promotion package for companies and local governments, and are expanding our business to include health promotion services.

Today is said to be the "100 years of life". The time has come when extending healthy life expectancy is important for both individuals and society. From now on, TANITA will work to create a society where people around the world can feel happiness through health promotion.

May everyone live their own way and spend precious time with those around them. TANITA will support the continuation of "Healthy Habits" for that purpose.