In the world of health and fitness, some of the most persistent challenges faced by businesses are keeping members motivated, happy, and engaged. In the UK, 52% of gym members stay for 12 months (so, 48% don’t!), and members who have an induction keep visiting for 4+ months more than those who don’t. 


As the below example shows, the success of health and fitness establishments lies not only in their equipment or facilities but also in other factors, like the ability to forge meaningful connections, increase member satisfaction and facilitate commitment from their members to achieve their goals. Over time, it has become evident that simplicity often holds the key to overcoming these hurdles. 


Therefore, we advocate focusing on three fundamental pillars: Results, Relationships, and Responsibility.

It's no secret that showcasing tangible results significantly contributes to member satisfaction and retention. Numerous studies highlight the effectiveness of tracking goal attainment in achieving fitness objectives.


However, the real crux lies in establishing clear, achievable goals and consistently monitoring progress towards them.


Enter body composition analysis with TANITA—an invaluable tool for gauging starting points, facilitating informed discussions, and setting specific and realistic targets. Regular monitoring through this analysis not only motivates members but also provides professionals with crucial insights for refining interventions, substantially elevating the likelihood of success.

Furthermore, leveraging data from TANITA allows for seamless transitions post-goal achievement, enabling the tracking of maintenance and exploration of new health areas. The TANITA Pro Software and Pro App showcase the results in user friendly reports that are easy to understand, both for the client and the professional presenting them. This continual engagement maintains member interest and solidifies the relationship.


Central to member retention is the interpersonal relationship cultivated within fitness establishments. Effective communication and personalised engagement play pivotal roles in nurturing these bonds. Body composition analysis with TANITA acts as a conduit for meaningful communication between fitness professionals and clients.

The initial consultation, coupled with TANITA's body composition assessment, lays the foundation for a comprehensive health overview and establishes trust. Continuous monitoring fosters regular, relevant communication, solidifying the relationship and allowing for necessary adjustments based on results—a recipe for higher success rates in attaining fitness goals.

In addition, active engagement strategies such as gym challenges and competitions not only involve members but also bolster the relationship. Incorporating body composition analysis data into these activities through gamification further motivates progress and participation, fostering a stronger connection.


While professionals provide guidance, the ultimate responsibility for health improvement lies with the members. Encouraging accountability and fostering habits are pivotal in ensuring continued progress. Regular health checks and progress assessments serve as accountability measures.

By strategically scheduling frequent TANITA check-ins early in a member's journey, establishes a sense of responsibility and habit formation. As behavioural studies suggest, it takes around 66 days for a new behaviour to become automatic and is boosted even more if success is seen along the way. Utilising this knowledge, integrating check-ins can solidify gym attendance habits, setting the stage for consistent engagement. A good tactic to generate accountability and help to form a habit of coming to the gym is to book a TANITA check in with members every two weeks early in their membership journey. This will not only allow you to reinforce the impact of the effort they are putting in with some early improvements, but it will also get them into the habit of coming to the gym, knowing they have a TANITA check in in less than two weeks.

By embracing these three pillars—Results, Relationships, and Responsibility—health and fitness businesses can substantially improve retention rates throughout the year. Beyond the traditional January surge, sustained engagement and revenue growth become achievable by prioritising member satisfaction and commitment.


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