Encourage  your members you haven't seen for a couple of summer months,

to come back with a TANITA BIA body composition analysis.


Have you ever wondered about the impact of member engagement on attrition rates?

Here are three important questions to consider:

1. How many members have you signed up since January?

While most fitness professionals can answer this question, it's equally important to assess the engagement levels of these members.

Research shows that the more frequently you see someone in your gym, the less likely they are to leave. That's where body composition analysis comes in.


2. How many times have you seen them?

Tracking the frequency of member visits provides insights into their commitment and participation in your facility.

3. How often have you interacted with them?

Meaningful interactions go beyond a simple greeting. Engaging in conversations about their progress, happiness, and health can strengthen your relationship with members.

Knowing the answer for questions 2 and 3 are crucial to understanding your members behaviour and identifying those at risk of cancelling.

The more often you see somebody in your gym, the less likely they are to leave and the more you interact with them the better.



How often do you and your staff  speak/interact with your members?

Not just a simple ‘good morning’, but a meaningful interaction about their progress, happiness and health?


If you already have professional body composition analysis equipment now is the time to get all the members you haven’t seen or interacted with for a little while booked in for an assessment. Reach out to them and invite them into your club for their complimentary ‘health check’. 

Members who visit regularly would greatly benefit from a progress check to help keep them motivated and it gives you a great opportunity to get those you haven’t seen back on site and on track again. 


Communication about health and showing you care about their progress is a valued communication point for you at an important time to be interacting with your members and trying to get them engaged and back into the gym on a regular basis.

Some of the biggest names in the industry have known and applied this for years now. If you don’t have any professional body composition analysis equipment, now is the time to invest. 

TANITA provides you with the perfect tool to give all members the information they need to motivate them, or attract them back into the gym on a regular basis. 

Remember, the key to member retention is effective communication. A message that is simple, relevant and impactful. Body composition analysis allows you to engage members about their health and progress. It's a topic that matters to everyone!





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