What is physique rating?


The Physique rating assesses muscle and body fat levels. It rates the result as one of nine body types. The Physique rating gives an indication of what type of body you have.

When we start excersising and eating healthier, it can often take a while before we see the actual results. With the physique rating  you can get insights in your fat levels and your muscle mass has increased. This also works the other way around. For example when your physical appearance might look good, while your (visceral) fat level has increased. The Physique Rating metric on our Body Composition Monitors gives an indication of your actual performance. With this you can actually start training.

Different body types

Physique Rating 1: Hidden Obese

Hidden Obese means that the body has a high percentage of fat and a low level of muscle mass. Even though you might look like average from the outside, your fat levels are too high. This could lead to obesity, which could lead to serious health problems. By eating healthier and increasing your physical activity you should be able to lower your fat levels.

Physique Rating 2: Obese

Obese means that you have a high fat percentage and a standard level of muscle mass. People with an obese physique rating need to be careful. Obesity can lead to serious health problems. Consult a professional to help you when you think you might be obese.

Physique Rating 3: Solidly-built

This means that you have a high body fat percentage and a high muscle mass level. Even tough you might look big on the outside, you actually have a lot of muscle mass underneath.

Physique Rating 4: Under exercised

Under exercised means that you have an average amount of body fat and a low muscle mass level. You should start gaining muscle mass by working out regularly.

Physique Rating 5: Standard

A standard body type means that you have average levels of both body fat and muscle mass. People with a standard body type can progress a lot when they start working out.

Physique Rating 6: Standard Muscular

This means that you have an average amount of fat percentage and have a high muscle mass level. This is a healthy Physique rating, which you can be proud of. This is a rating which some athletes have.

Physique Rating 7: Thin

This means that you have a low amount of body fat and a low muscle mass level. Being too thin could lead to serious health issues, however being a little thin is okay.

Physique Rating 8: Thin and Muscular

This means that you have a low amount of body fat and a standard level off muscle mass. A bikini body! Watch out people can be very jealous!

Physique Rating 9: Very Muscular

Very muscular people have a low amount of body fat and a high level off muscle mass.

How to keep track of your physique rating?

Tanita offers great insights in a very simple way. Where your regular bathroom scale can only display your weight. Tanita scales can give you detailed information on your body composition. With Tanita you can get an accurate scan of your body. With our scales you'll know what physique rating type you are. Knowing that you can really start working out.

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