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As the world's best-selling provider of Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology to professionals, Tanita partners with other leading global brands to integrate its products and technology with their monitoring systems


Software integration to enhance client services
The Technogym Ecosystem range of interconnected products, services, content and programmes is designed to help leisure facilities monitor their members performance and progress inside and outside their clubs. By integrating the Tanita MC-780 MA body composition monitor into their offering, Technogym health club members can now measure their body composition performance and track their progress wherever they are, while the data helps operators improve membership retention and outcomes.

Royal Mail

Building a cost-effective corporate wellness programme
With over 130,000 employees, Royal Mail is one of the UK’s biggest employers. Its employee assistance and wellbeing programme, 'Feeling First Class', was set up to tackle obesity, stress and smoking cessation. Working closely with the Royal Mail occupational health team, Tanita has developed an in-house scheme where the body composition of all employees can be measured. A stand-alone assessment unit has been developed incorporating Tanita body composition where employees can monitor themselves and receive a health report and capture their data using the latest GMon software. The body composition data of all employees can also be captured anonymously, enabling Royal Mail to obtain a precise overview of the health status of it workforce. This information can be used to determine which health and fitness support mechanisms need to be developed and where they should be targeted.


Expanding markets and rewarding customer loyalty through new technology
Garmin, the leading, worldwide provider of navigation, communication and information devices and applications using GPS systems, has partnered with Tanita to produce the next generation in Body Composition Monitors.
Users of the Tanita BC-1000 body composition monitor can wirelessly link data to selected Garmin Fitness Watches and Bike Meters using the latest ANT technology. Weight, body fat and body water are wirelessly displayed on the watch and all nine readings are stored in it. When in range of a user’s computer, the information can also be automatically transmitted to the computer using the wireless USB Stick and captured by Garmin Connect.

Polska Siatkówka

Inspiring children to achieve their best
Tanita works with the Polish Volleyball Federation to support children and sports coaches in over 128 high schools in Poland. This collaboration forms part of a nationwide project by Polska Siatk


Enhancing sports performance, fitness testing and rehabilitation through accurate monitoring
Perform Sports Science Support enables athletes and teams from all sports to benefit from cutting-edge sports science and fitness testing at any age. It also allows coaches to prescribe suitable training and rehabilitation programmes for teams and individuals. The Tanita MC-980 body composition monitor now forms an integral part of the rehabilitation, education and fitness testing programmes provided by Perform.