Tanita Boditrax System

Introducing an innovative
and exciting partnership


The Tanita boditrax System takes segmental body composition analysis
measured by the Tanita Advanced Multi Frequency BIA technology, and brings
it to life for your clients.

Core measurements are shown in beautiful graphics and accompanied
by explanatory definitions and healthy ranges, making complex data meaningful,
goals achievable and results recordable.

How it works

  • With straightforward plug and play installation your clients and staff are ready to go
  • A full body composition analysis is performed using Tanita Advanced Multifrequency Technology
  • The secure, cloud-based, boditrax software means clients and trainers can access data, set goals and review progress via the app or online
  • Clients can upload further personal measurements from other devices including, blood pressure, activity levels and much more.
  • Individual, facility and group level data gives you strategic management information

An Enhanced Member Journey

You know that monitoring body composition increases motivation and helps clients understand the impact of their diet and fitness programme.

The Tanita boditrax System helps users choose where to view the data that matters to them. They can set personal goals and track their progress when and where it suits them.

Clients can share their personal success stories and images, instantly through social media, generating huge interest and referral footfall for you.

Insightful, agile reporting for managers

boditrax software has powerful, dynamic reporting so you are fully informed on how our technology is supporting your users. You can review data by individual, group, facility, age, gender, goals, usage behaviour and more. Data can then be extracted and embedded into conventional reporting.


Services tailored to clients’ ambitions

While clients set their own personal goals of what they need to achieve, management can personalise services, classes, competitions and marketing communications based on what clients actually ‘need’ not what they think they want!


Expanding data collection and payment facilities

The Tanita boditrax System can incorporate data from additional devices to develop a 360degree fitness picture.

Our open API and collaborative philosophy means that wearable technology devices such as Fitbit, blood pressure and glucose monitors can be added to the system, goals set and results tracked for a truly individual service for your clients.

Swipe or touch pay can be also integrated, giving you easy routes to monetise.

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