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Tanita’s professional body composition scales, also called body composition monitors, are the first choice among health professionals. They can be used to provide insight into clients’ health, allowing you to provide specific recommendations. It also helps you measure the progress a client is making. The measurements are very accurate, due to the Dual or Multi Frequency Body Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology. A professional body composition scale does not only provide you, the expert, with the information you need. It also uses clear graphics and an informative interface to make the data come alive for your clients.

Tanita MC-780MA P

Interactive multi-frequency body composition scale

Tanita SC-240 MA

Portable professional body composition scale

Tanita DC-360 P

Professional body composition scale

Tanita Body Impedance Analysis Technology

All Tanita scales use advanced BIA technology. However, the professional body composition scales go one step further. Normal BIA technology works like this: a low, safe electrical current is sent through the client’s body. Based on the resistance and factors such as age, height and gender, the scale then calculates useful measurements such as:

Tanita professional body composition scales (and some consumer models) don’t just use one current. They employ dual- or multi-frequency technology, for even higher accuracy. Therefore, they have MDD Class II-a and NAWI Class III certifications, allowing use for medical consultations.

Personal consults

Some devices are mainly meant for personal consults. They offer the possibility to print out results with an internal printer. For further analysis, they also connect to your computer, where you can use the GMon Pro Software to keep track of your clients’ health or to analyze results. A professional body composition scale that fits this description is the DC-430MAP.

Public use

A professional body composition scale can also be used for public use, for example in a gym or health club. Machines that are used in this way typically have large colour screens, with clear graphics and explanations which make complex data meaningful. They also connect to the cloud, to allow both clients and trainers to review progress and set goals. The top-of-the-line scale for this purpose is the Boditrax.

Portable solutions

Are you always on the road, making personal visits to clients or doing field work? Then you need a portable professional body composition scale, such as the SC-240MA. Even though this model is light, it is still medically approved. It also connects to the GMON Professional software, allowing for analysis and reporting.

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