BC-1000 ANT stick

The ANT+ USB Stick is designed to be used with the Tanita BC-1000 Body Composition Monitor. It provides a direct, wireless connection between your PC and the BC-1000 Monitor. Simply plug the stick into your computer's USB port to connect GMON Software automatically with the BC-1000. The drivers can be downloaded at www8.garmin.com/fitness/ant_product_page.jsp

Why choose Tanita?

Good question. We're glad you asked.

Medical accuracy and reliability

With over 25 years of scientific and medical research, our BIA technology leads the way and is clinically proven to be the most accurate on the market. No one else can provide the precision, reliability and level of excellence that Tanita monitors offer


Trusted by experts

When it comes to health monitoring, Tanita is the first choice among experts. Sports coaches, health providers, scientists and global brands know they can trust Tanita to deliver the standard they require. We can do the same for you


Committed to health

We don't just measure. We work to empower everyone to change their health for the better whether that's individuals, sports teams or families. We also fund medical research projects worldwide that contribute to our understanding of how to lead a healthier and fitter life

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