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Never be insecure again and always hit the road with fresh breath.


Color White
Weight of product 32 gr
Warranty  years
Product dimensions 112 x 19.6 x 17.2 mm
Material Plastic
Power supply 1x AAA Battery
Place of Manufacture China

What's in the box?

Batteries included


Tanita model HC-212
SKU 12345
EAN 12345

Product description

Want to never feel insecure about bad breath again? With the HC-212 you get an objective and reliable assessment of the freshness of your breath within seconds. So you'll never go out the door with bad breath again.

How does the HC-212 measure your bad breath?

Bad breath is not only caused by drinking coffee, consuming alcohol or smoking a cigarette. It can also be caused by bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria lurk on your tongue, on your gums, in your nose and on your tonsils. The bad smell emitted by these bacteria are actually sulfur gasses. The HC-212 contains special sensors that detect these sulfur gasses. 

How to use the HC-212

You hold the HC-212 breath tester about one inch from your mouth and then blow into the sensor for four seconds. Within 10 seconds, a number between 0 and 6 appears on the digital display. The lower the number the HC-212 breath tester indicates, the fresher your breath. Note: The device does not work properly if you have just eaten, drunk or brushed your teeth. In this case, wait at least ten minutes before using HC-212.