You’re only as old as your metabolic age says you are


Rachel Allen, our Tanita tester from Kent, is the definition of a sport enthusiast. The incredible variety of sports she practices makes her the perfect fit to be a tester for our new segmental body composition monitor. “I lift most mornings and do HIIT in the evenings. I also do things like body compound training, mixed martial arts, aerobics and so on… Sport is my thing. I love it.”

As if her weekly schedule isn’t already impressive enough, she also brings her love for sports to her job. “Besides being a communication manager for a global company, I’m also part of the global steering committee as the health and wellness champion. We are currently working on a global challenge, where we are challenging employees to exercise, walk 10.000 steps every day, eat different vegetables every week etc.” When we asked her why this was so important for her company, she gave us a quick rundown on the benefits: “It improves the productivity and increases the general well-being of the employees. Stress and anxiety can cost the employer up to a 1000 pounds per year, per employee! That adds up…”

As a workout fanatic, Rachel has a lot of experience with body composition monitors. “I’ve used a lot of different scales in the past, but the RD-545 is knees and bows better than the other ones. It allows me to see the actual quality of the muscle. It actually looks ‘inside you’.” Monitoring is a very important part to help her achieve her goals. “I have goals within the routines that I do. The scale helps me to keep track of my muscle mass, muscle quality and of course the decrease of body fat. And to see that I’m almost 43 with a metabolic age of 27 is just awesome!”

If you want to know more about the body composition monitor that Rachel uses, you can check it out here!

Take full control of your body.

Monitor your body with the RD-545, a medical grade scale that offers 20 types of body composition monitoring and even lets you mease per segment of your body.