Why you shouldn’t just focus on your weight when you’re working out


Losing weight is the main objective for a lot of people when they’re working out. It’s good to know that weight doesn’t tell you everything you need to know. Our Tanita testers explained why…

Lauren Sullivan is a personal trainer from London. She has been testing our RD-545 body composition monitor. “Many of my clients, especially women, focus on weight. Weight doesn’t necessarily show you how healthy you are. Sometimes you look at the skinniest person but they still have a lot of body fat. It’s very important to know where you are storing fat, what the quality of the muscle is etc. Those measurements are normally only available for athletes, unless you’re doing some sort of medical assessment.”

Personal trainer Ian Wilson has been using it for a wide range of people. “I’m a bit of a gadget guy so I was very excited for this peace of kit. I really like how easy it was. My clients are also really enjoying the fact that they can see very specific details about their body. They are nagging me for their next check which is very interesting.”

Besides it being useful for amateurs, it’s also something that athletes can use to step up their game. Paul Freary, professional runner for example. “I’m currently preparing for a half marathon, a couple marathons and an ultra race. The ultra race will take place in the Himalayas. We are going to run 100 miles within 5 days, trough some of the tallest mountains in the world. When you run for such a long period of time, it’s very important to know what kind of physiological changes happen in the body. Being aware of that is really helpful.”

But what if you just want to look good? Personal trainer Michael Sealey knows the answer. “I’m a fully qualified personal trainer and a part-time bus driver. The goal that I set for myself is to have a good appearance for my clients. This can be quite difficult to maintain when you’re working with a lot of bus drivers, because they are eating some of the worst food in the world” he says while laughing. “I like the fact that it gives a reading for the individual muscle parts. It helps me keep an eye on my goals.” Even though measurements are very important, Michael always shares one more tip with his clients: “stay positive and you will get results!”

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