Pre workout smoothie


Before exercise it is important to eat correctly to prepare the body for high performance. We take a food first approach, where we would like high quality, locally sourced, real ingredients going in. This gives a plethora of nutrients that allow for maximising energy stores and muscle capability.

Beforehand, roughly three hours before, it is best to consume low glycaemic index, slow releasing wholegrain carbohydrates such as brown rice, wholemeal pasta, quinoa or noodles. Then one hour before soft fruits, cereal bars or nuts and seeds are suitable.

Pre workout smoothie – ready for the summer. A summer punch full of vitamins C, B12 and Folate

Ingredients: semi skimmed milk, avocado, raspberry fruit juice, strawberries, oranges and ice.

We recommend at least 8 glasses of water which is 2 litres, alongside the use of fruit juices and isotonic drinks pre match. Protein is included in the menu in the form of fish, grilled chicken and eggs. Portion control is vital and every sportsperson is different to best maximise performance. The best tip here is to get into a routine, be sure to stock up with energy the night before and become a finely tuned athlete by following a good diet all week around.

Best wishes,

Matt Lawson
Sports nutrition specialist