How ultra distance runner Fraser surpasses his competitors


Fraser McCoull, a 30 year old runner from Edinburgh pushes the boundaries of distance running. “I have been running for about 16 years but since 5 years I’m doing anything from a marathon to a 100+ mile race." We were wondering how he prepares for such incredible distances. "I work out for about 10 to 20 hours per week. In the morning I do an hour of yoga. I put a quick run in at lunch and I also workout in groups in the evening. On Saturday I usually do a long run between 10 to 40 miles."

Fraser became a Tanita tester for the RD-545, because one thing really sets him apart from his competitors. “Runners can be quite obsessive about performance. They are all about having the best shoes, diet, drink plan etc. Over the years I have seen that monitoring your body might be even more important. You have to be aware of the condition the body is in. I carry more muscle than most runners so I like to keep my body fat lower so I don’t have to carry any extra weight. That can really brake you in those long distances.”

He is not ready to put his running shoes away just yet. To take his runs to the next level, he will have to lose more weight without losing more muscle quality. The accurate readings of the worlds ultimate segmental body composition help him with this task. “To be able to get so much information within a minute is incredibly useful. It also made me a lot more conscious about my nutrition.” Fraser has a couple of races coming up and we do believe that he will be better than he ever was!

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