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Meet Marius Racz, personal Trainer and WBFF Fitness Model from London. Marius has been using the Tanita body composition monitors for some years now. Could you tell us what has changed in those years? “The one thing I’ve noticed is that it went from measuring body fat and BMR to a huge range of measurements, almost ten times more than 5 years ago” We saw on your Instagram and on some other photo’s you’ve sent us that you are quite a competitive fitness model. Do you train solely for these competitions? Marius laughs “No, I’m also a personal trainer and I swim a lot. But you could say I’m quite serious about competing in WBFF. Actually, it’s one of the things I use the scales for the most.”

Could you tell us a bit more about that, or better yet, do you have any examples? “Well, for example, when I noticed I’m quite right sided. Meaning, I can see that my right side is sometimes more developed than my left — A while back I went snowboarding, being right sided I obviously use that part of my body more” Marius smiles “The scale totally picked up on that. When I get ready for a competition having that level of detail is great. Standing on a stage, you have to be precise, you need a scale to be precise. And in a sense, it really helps me to prep for the next show.”

You mentioned you are also a personal trainer, would you say that the information given by the RD-545 is equally important to them as to you, a professional fitness model? “Oh yes, for sure. Clients may not have the same goal as I have, but in the end they have their own goals they have set for themselves. The RD-545 provides very useful information that makes it so much easier to talk about progress and overall measurements. In terms of focus at the end of the day my clients and I are very much alike.”

If you want to know more about the body composition monitor that Marius uses, you can check it out here!

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