How a busy dad of 4 children keeps his health in check


Meet our Tanita tester Calum Shand from Aberdeen, Scotland. His 4 children and his busy job in the oil and gas industry can’t stop him from maintaining his health. “I’m pretty active in terms of mountain biking, road biking and going to the gym. But I have to admit; it’s quite a challenge to stay active whilst balancing work & family life.”

We asked him how he was able to stay in shape with such a busy schedule. “I basically squeeze things in where I can. You have to carve out time. When I come back from work I can either choose to watch an hour of television at night, or hit the local gym. It’s as simple as that really.” That does require a lot of motivation, right? “Yes, that’s true. I think when you hit 40, you feel a sense of a midlife crisis. Being able to reflect over the last few decades and having a resultant health check gives you a renewed drive.”

“The metrics that the Tanita scale provides are essential to keep me focussed. I think if you want to manage yourself, you really have to look at the associated metrics to see progress unfold. When I see my muscle quality go up, that encourages me to do more.” When we asked him if he had any tips for people who have a very busy schedule, but also want to get into shape, he gave us a rundown of his tactic. “For me what worked is writing down what I call ‘Powerful Reasons Why’. Typically people are held back by their own beliefs on why they want to lose weight or get in shape. You have to focus on what is beneath your own personal iceberg. What drives you below the surface? What beliefs do you have and what do you really value in life?”

So what’s next for this super Dad? “I signed up to a mountain bike racing series for next year. I’m slowly recovering from a nasty crash on my bike, but I hope to be able to compete again next year.” With the support of his family and his innovative body composition monitor, we are sure that he will be able to overcome anything!

If you want to know more about the body composition monitor that Calum uses, you can check it out here!

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