A tech savvy view on the RD-545 from a Tanita veteran.


Meet Jamie Rowland, the tech savvy personal trainer from Chester. Jamie who owns his own gym has been a long time Tanita user, and he believes that the scales really help him to get more involved with his clients. Jamie: “I use the scales daily with my clients. We keep track of their progress with some real in depth measurements. The first thing the clients notice is how good it looks. The LED-lighting really pops.”

Apart from the RD-545 Jamie also uses the MyTanita App quite a lot. “What I noticed is that the scale connects up really fast with my smartphone. This makes it quite easy to go through measurements. When a measurement pops up in red I just ask clients what they have been doing and that really helps me to give in depth advice and explain things better.”

Rather than using it just for his clients Jamie is also quite familiar to the Tanita scales himself. We asked Jamie how the RD-545 fits within his own progress and goals. Jamie: “I like to get up, jump on my phone and look on my score. I love seeing the figures go down, it’s such a nice way to see your progress. Seeing that I’m doing well really motivates me. I’m quite competitive” — Jamie laughs — “and I like to see it improve. It helps me more on the adherent side of things rather than goal setting. It’s making me stick to it even more.”

If you want to know more about the body composition monitor that Jamie uses feel free to visit his gym in Chester, you can find the address on his website. Or you can check it out here!

Take full control of your body.

Monitor your body with the RD-545, a medical grade scale that offers 20 types of body composition monitoring and even lets you mease per segment of your body.